Lab Platform Governance, Media and Technology (PGMT)

Mark Malone will present on Monday 29th as part of the “Equality, Wellbeing and Platform Governance” Project

As part of her YUFE research project on Equality, Wellbeing and Platform Governance, fellow Dr Paloma Viejo has invited researcher and activist Mark Malone who will present on Monday 29th April at 14:00hs in room SFG 1040 a talk about the emergence of reactionary and far right activity in Ireland, specifically on themes of anti-migrant, anti-refugee and anti-LGBTQ mobilising. Mark will explore some of the underlying shared values and worldviews across a range of actors and look at how communication tools and social media platforms play a key role in a recognisable playbook that is replicated in different parts of the country.

Mark Malone has been active in social movements for social, economic and ecological justice over the last three decades. This has included work in community education, anti-racism, tax and debt justice, and the intersection of international development and development education. In the last decade this work has also focused on understanding reactionary and far right movement and the ways and means by which communities and civil society might better equip itself.